About Us

At  Mamta International, we believe in growing through global innovation where innovation depends on diversity of creative ideas, experiences, visions, and backgrounds; the more diverse the team, the better and durable the output. Dedicated focus and inclusion are our business imperatives that affect how we regard the work and work with one another, our clients and our customers. With different ways to view, interpret and solve issues, we master the production of Fruits & Vegetables goods and services by being the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

As we move toward increasing our global presence, it is important to attract, develop, and retain the best available diverse resource -- we search the world to find those resources. We remain steadfast in our commitment to leverage our customer and client base by operating with a global mindset.

Our distinct product set covers the global Fruits & Vegetables markets. We reckon and understand the space and we have the capability to recognize trends, know the impact on our customers’ businesses and respond with effective solutions to support Fruits & Vegetables needs and services, and secure them for the future.


Our Vision

-To touch base every individual with potential to pervade our presence both- nationally and internationally.


Our Mission

-Living up to the commitment to adding maximum business value through our constantly upgraded set of products and services.


Why buy at Mamta International?

- Customer delight is our motto.

-The latest destination for Fruits & Vegetables products and services.

-Offer affordable innovations through our broad product offerings.

-Range of products that challenge the status quo.